Coronavirus pandemic: US decides to release criminals from prisons

Because of the threat of the spread of coronavirus infection COVID-19, the United States authorities decided to release the criminals from prison.

Coronavirus pandemic: US decides to release criminals from prisons

Attorney General William Barr gave the relevant order to the US Federal Bureau of Prisons.

According to the document, “the most suitable candidates” after a two-week stay in the observatory will be transferred to house arrest to continue serving their sentences.

To date, coronavirus has entered 122 United States prisons. Infection was detected in 50 employees and in 91 prisoners. Moreover, the most difficult situation is observed in the prisons of Elkton, in the northeast of Ohio, and Danberry in the southwest of Connecticut.

As News Front previously reported, the United States has become the world leader in the spread of coronavirus. Now there are recorded over 277 thousand infected and more than 7 thousand deaths. However, this is not the only tragic record broken in the USA. As American experts found out, the spread of the disease in the United States is 2 times higher than in the world.

Amid the spread of coronavirus, US authorities have already made dubious decisions. For example, in Philadelphia it was decided that the criminal would not be arrested even for burglary or car theft. He will receive a subpoena, after which he will be immediately released, although the chance that the offender will appear at the hearing is extremely small.


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