Italian Foreign Minister does not believe the pandemic to change geopolitical balance in the world

Europe is going through its hour zero, said Luigi Di Maio.

Italian Foreign Minister does not believe the pandemic to change geopolitical balance in the world

Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Mayo does not believe that the coronavirus epidemic will change the geostrategic balance in the world. He said this in an interview published on Thursday to the German edition of Der Spiegel.

“I don’t think the geostrategic balance will shift. I am more concerned about the impact of the pandemic on the world economy”, – said the Italian minister.

Responding to the journalist’s comment that Russia and China have rushed to help Italy, Luigi Di Maio pointed out that “and many other countries have supported” his country, including Albania, Cuba and Poland, as well as France and Germany.

“U.S. President Donald Trump intends to support us with $100 million”, –  said the Foreign Minister.  – “Italy has always been a bridge between East and West, but our homeland is a European and Atlantic alliance”, – he added.

Europe is going through its “hour zero”.

“We’ve never had a situation like today”, –  said Di Maio. – “There’s just no historical comparison for the huge health and economic consequences of the pandemic. We’re talking about the future of the European people now,” he says. “Europe is going through its hour of zero”, –  the minister says.

The head of the Italian Foreign Ministry reminded that China and the United States intend to provide multi-billion dollar support to their own firms to overcome the consequences of the coronavirus proliferation.

“The companies of these countries can thus overcome the crisis more strongly. We in Europe must find a proportionate response to this”, –  Di Maio believes. The EU needs to respond to the crisis together, he said.

“We need all the power of the EU and European government guarantees to secure Europe’s future”, –  he called for. – “Italy expects a common response to this pain, which affects everyone, as the situation is difficult in Germany, France and Spain”, –  said the minister.

It would be irresponsible to weaken the measures.
Referring to the possibility of easing restrictions adopted in Italy because of the coronavirus, Luigi Di Maio said that “it would be irresponsible to plan specific steps until there are appropriate signals from scientists.

“They tell us that we have reached a peak, but we have not yet overcome it”, – said the Foreign Minister.


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