American tries to destroy floating hospital because of coronavirus

Considering the floating hospital “suspicious”, the driver tried to ram the ship with a locomotive, derailing the train.

American tries to destroy floating hospital because of coronavirus

This is reported by local media.

The incident occurred on March 31 in the port of San Pedro, where the train of the Pacific Harbor Line operator fell off the rails at high speed, rammed the fence and stopped a couple of meters from the USNS Mercy floating hospital.

As it turned out later, the locomotive was driven by 44-year-old Eduardo Moreno. He deliberately derailed the train, as he considered the ship “suspicious”. During the interrogation, he admitted that he was ready to ram the ship, hoping to draw the attention of the media to the “real purpose” of the ship.

“The hospital serves a different purpose, which is associated with the coronavirus or the seizure of power”, – said Eduardo Moreno.

“People do not suspect what is happening, but now everything will change. It was insanely fun. I took the only chance I had”. 

Now the Federal Bureau of Investigation is dealing with the incident. Among other things, they check the criminal’s possible connections with terrorist groups.

As a result of the incident, no one was hurt, however, Moreno’s actions led to a fuel leak. A man faces up to 20 years in prison.


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