Eurosceptics are expected to flourish in Brussels – the scenario of the EU’s collapse has been deemed possible

The Coronavirus pandemic has indeed become a catalyst for Euroscepticism, which may well result in the collapse of the European Union.

Such a statement was made by the head of the European Commission in Poland, Marek Pravda, in a comment to Business Insider.

He admitted that the current global crisis, provoked by the coronavirus infection COVID-19, demonstrates the effectiveness of nation states and the collapse of the global economy.

“The European Union could indeed disintegrate. The impact of the pandemic could be an alliance of patrons and adherents of “walls” to renounce the various links and return to a narrow national identity. European scepticism does exist and the pandemic feeds it”, –  the official said.

At the same time, he assured that he considers the collapse of the European Union to be “the darkest option.

As News Front previously reported, the coronavirus pandemic has led to the EU countries closing borders and banning exports of medicines and equipment. Italy was most affected, which “partners” left alone with the raging coronavirus.

Italy’s assistance was provided by Russia, sending humanitarian aid and specialists to the Apennine peninsula. In this connection, anti-European sentiment has increased among Italians. The deputy chairman of the lower chamber of parliament of the republic Fabio Rampelli even recorded on video how he shoots the EU flag, replacing it with the national flag of Italy.