Americans appreciated Russian aid in the fight against coronavirus

Viewers of Fox News have gratefully accepted Russian assistance in the fight against coronavirus. They wrote about this in the comments under the report that Moscow sent a plane with medical assistance to the United States.

Americans appreciated Russian aid in the fight against coronavirus

“Damn it is a pity that the Russians are no longer our allies”, – one of them noted.

“Trump and Putin revived the Lendlis. Thank you, Russia!” – wrote ConservThought.

“Thank you, Russia, for your symbolic help. America also helped Russia in the 1940s with military equipment to defeat the Nazi invaders. When the global crisis is in the yard, long-standing hatred must be overcome”, – AmericanCombatVet20plus commented on the news.

“We must be grateful that they are still ready to help us”, – said Ezra Pound.

“Make sure that the Democrats do not get it. We don’t want them to conspire with the Russians”, – Kentnova said.

The World Health Organization has announced a pandemic outbreak of coronavirus spreading from China. According to the latest WHO data, over 820 thousand cases of infection have been recorded worldwide, more than 40 thousand people have died. The total number of cases in Russia reached 3548, 235 recovered.


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