“Maybe I’ll see you later”: a senior politician from Italy has removed the EU flag

Fabio Rampelli, Vice-President of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, demonstratively removed the European Union flag in his office.

"Maybe I'll see you later": a senior politician from Italy has removed the EU flag

The Italian politician explained his gesture by the fact that the EU refuses to help countries experiencing difficulties in the fight against coronavirus infection. The footage shows Fabio Rampelli wearing a medical mask and white gloves removing the EU flag from the flagpole and then placing the Italian national tricolor in its place.

“Maybe I’ll see you later. Maybe”, –  Rampelli commented on his video.

“Who knows, maybe this star flag is disappearing forever”, –  says the Italian edition of ilgiornale.it.
Shortly before his political gesture, Fabio Rampelli said on Sky Tg 24, addressing the EU leadership:

“Europe has enjoyed Italy’s political weakness for many decades. Italy today does not want to be a waiter while others are eating lobsters like France and Germany. If you plan to take advantage of the emergency to bring countries like Italy or other countries with more fragile economies to their knees, Europe will have no future.”


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