Libyan militants armed themselves with Nazi methods: civilians at risk

Each defeat of the militants acting on the side of the so-called Government of National Accord ends with the fact that they are trying in the most vile way to avenge their own failure.

Libyan militants armed themselves with Nazi methods: civilians at risk

This was told by a military expert Alexander Perendzhiev in a comment to the Federal News Agency.

As you know, Libyan militants, abandoning their positions in the course of unsuccessful attempts to restrain the Libyan National Army’s offensive, resort to indiscriminate mining, which is prohibited by international law.

Fighters of the LNA in the process of liberating the territory act very carefully. So, first the sappers study the area, neutralizing the militant traps.

The problem is, the expert notes, that civilians are not able to deactivate an explosive device. According to him, it is the civilian population of Libya who is at risk from the efforts of militants.

Perendzhiev compared this approach with what the Nazis did during the years of World War II. They made many different traps, leaving mines under the bodies of the dead and even mined children’s toys.

“This is a cruel revenge for their own defeats,” the expert notes, emphasizing that the situation with promiscuous mining in Libya is an important confirmation that the Government of National Accord and its loyal armed groups are defeated.

As News Front previously reported, Marshal Khalifa Haftar’s Libyan National Army resumed its offensive on Tripoli late last year. The government of national consensus in response requested support from Ankara, after which loyal Turkish jihadists who fought in Syria came to the aid of local militants.


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