UN General Assembly spoke in favor of lifting the sanctions that hinder the COVID-19 pandemic

Chairman of the UN General Assembly, Tijani Muhammad-Bande, spoke out for the need to lift sanctions, which in the context of the coronavirus pandemic further complicate the situation of the most vulnerable countries from the point of view of the spread of the disease.

This was reported by the Russian agency RIA Novosti.

Last week, the UN Secretary-General António Guterres urged G20 leaders to lift sanctions that prevent the delivery of food, medical care, and essential supplies amid the spread of coronavirus. The next day, the permanent missions of Russia, China, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela to the UN sent a letter to Guterres asking them to demand the complete and immediate lifting of unilateral sanctions that prevent countries from combating the coronavirus COVID-19.

“I think the UN call is very clear regarding the lifting of sanctions, especially sanctions that complicate the situation of those who are most vulnerable… I think this is what is important”, – said Muhammad-Bande.

“Everything that helps alleviate suffering is important, and the UN has called for everything to ensure that those whose situation is most vulnerable will receive assistance”, – said the chairman of the UN General Assembly.

The World Health Organization on March 11 announced an outbreak of a new coronavirus infection COVID-19 with a pandemic. According to the latest WHO data, more than 634 thousand cases of infection have been recorded in the world, almost 30 thousand people have died.


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