The Western coalition lost a group of Islamists in Syria

Several militants of the terrorist organization Islamic State have escaped from a prison in the northeastern province of Hasaka.

Jihadists have reportedly escaped from Al-Sina prison, which is controlled by militants of the pro-American armed group Syrian Democratic Forces. First the riots erupted there. The prisoners even managed to take control of part of the territory. To suppress the riot, the militants guarding the prison used force, injuring several prisoners.

At the same time, several Islamists managed to escape. According to various sources, between four and twelve militants escaped. In an attempt to intercept the fugitives, an American armed contingent of the Western anti-terrorist coalition raised drones and helicopters in the air, vainly trying to track down the criminals.

As News Front reported, earlier, against the background of the coronavirus infection, members of the Syrian democratic forces released from their jail about a hundred militants of the Islamic State, asking them not to debauch and return to peaceful life. Jihadists were vouchsafed by local tribal leaders.

To date, only one victim of the coronavirus COVID-19 has been recorded in Syria. She was a woman who died as soon as she was taken to the ICU. The tests were already postmortem. They showed that the woman was infected with a coronavirus infection.