“Only there was something to say in NATO” – the Bundestag pointed to the main problem of the US nuclear arsenal in Germany

The American nuclear weapons deployed in Germany are a dangerous and provocative tool that in practice cannot be opposed to modern Russian technologies.

This statement was made by Tobias Lindner, a defense expert at the Green Party parliamentary club in the Bundestag.

He pointed out that the U.S. nuclear bombs stored at the Büchel airbase are simply outdated. We are talking about B61 hydrogen bombs, modifications “3” and “4”, which are three decades old. Even the German Tornado fighter-bombers, which are designed to transport ammunition to the target, were developed in the eighties. Their systems are not just morally outdated, but suffer from malfunctions.
According to Lindner, the effectiveness of these weapons against modern Russian air defense systems is extremely questionable. In this regard, the expert called U.S. nuclear weapons deployed in Germany “an expensive, dangerous and outdated symbol, as long as there is something to say in NATO.

“From the military point of view, the nuclear arsenal deployed in Germany is definitely not the one capable of turning the tide”, –  the expert stated.

As News Front reported earlier, German MP Waldemar Gerdt reported that negotiations between Berlin and Washington regarding withdrawal of the US military contingent from Germany were unsuccessful. In the United States, they claim that the American presence should be perceived as an “amicable act”.