Media: DPRK announced a test of a multi-charger launcher

According to the Nodon synmun newspaper, the tests were successful.

Tests of the large-size multi-charger launcher were conducted in DPRK. This was reported on Monday, the central newspaper of the People’s Republic of “Nodon Sinmun”.

“DPRK held test firing on March 29 to confirm the tactical and technical characteristics of the super-large multi-charger launcher,” reported the publication. It is noted that the tests were successful. At the same time, the newspaper does not give details about the type of the tested launcher and does not specify whether DPRK leader Kim Jong-un was present at the range during the launches.

On Sunday, the South Korean Committee of Chiefs of Staff (CSC) reported that DPRK launched two short-range ballistic missiles from the east coast of the country towards the sea, they flew 230 km. This is the fourth such missile firing by the DPRK since the beginning of the year. As reported by the Central Telegraph Agency of Korea (CTAK), Kim Jong-un 2, March 9 and 21 led a training exercise of long-range artillery, during which ballistic missiles of short range were launched.