Italy asks to allow the delivery of humanitarian aid collected in Crimea

The Italian Bar Association Camere Penali del Diritto Europeo e Internazionale (“Chamber of Specialists in Criminal European Law”) asked the Russian leadership and legislative bodies to recognize the humanitarian aid collected in Crimea for Naples, Head of the association, Alexandro Maria Tirelli, told the reporters.

Italy asks to allow the delivery of humanitarian aid collected in Crimea

In early March, the Russian government imposed a temporary ban on the export from Russia of a number of medical devices, including masks, the restrictions are valid until June 1, and do not apply to humanitarian aid and the export of disposable goods by citizens for personal use.

“I think this is the only legal opportunity to do this”, – Tirelli said.

Earlier, his association asked Russia to send humanitarian aid to southern Italy to combat the spread of coronavirus. Tirelli responded to the call in the Crimea: according to him, social activists and veterans of Sevastopol bought 2,000 respirators at their own expense, as well as chemical protection suits, antiseptics, glasses and gloves.

“I ask President Putin, Prime Minister Mishustin and members of the Duma to allow the delivery of at least this last shipment to southern Italy. I ask this for my southern neighbors”, – Tirelli said.

“The invaluable assistance provided by Moscow is a precedent that we do not intend to abuse. But the current situation is special. Delivery of goods from private individuals will forever change the relationship between our countries, at least in emergency situations, while we we expect the final lifting of sanctions, which seem especially barbaric after the arrival of 15 aircraft in Italy with equipment and specialists for our salvation”, – the lawyer emphasized.

Italy ranks first in Europe in the distribution of coronavirus and is in second place in the world after the United States. According to the latest official data published on Saturday by the civil defense service, currently more than 92.4 thousand cases of infection with a new type of virus have been recorded on the Apennines, more than 12 thousand patients have recovered, the number of victims exceeded 10 thousand.


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