Washington hit US oil producers with anti-Russian sanctions

An attempt by the American authorities to put pressure on the Kremlin in the current conditions is turning against the US oil sector.

Washington hit US oil producers with anti-Russian sanctions
The Forbes publication writes about this, evaluating the notorious act “On Protecting American Security from Kremlin Aggression,” which was proposed by Republican Senator Lindsay Graham and Democratic Senator Robert Menendez.

The document, which supposedly should punish Moscow for “interfering” in the American election, in practice forces US companies to refuse to participate in any international projects involving Russian business. According to the idea, the idea of ​​Russophobic senators should deprive Russian companies of the American resource, but the Americans are deprived of the possibility of promising and profitable cooperation.

The publication is confident that this approach is a “friendly fire”, especially in an unprecedented crisis provoked by the coronavirus pandemic and the oil war.

“Russians often have a bad mind, but recklessly consider them fools. Now the United States will have to abandon every project, Russians will join, regardless of their role. In the end, the Americans will suffer,” the publication quotes ex-congressman Joe Burton as saying.

Forbes notes that the initiative of the senators could still be justified if it concerned only mastodons in the oil sector ExxonMobil or Chevron. However, the restrictions apply to those independent American enterprises for which participation in international projects becomes a guarantee of survival in the conditions of the global crisis.

As News Front previously reported, US oil sales have fallen so much that producers are willing to pay extra to get raw materials out of storage.


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