Former ally of Maduro made a deal with the American intelligence

Washington got at its disposal a retired Venezuelan general and former ally of the country’s president, Nicolas Maduro.

Former ally of Maduro made a deal with the American intelligence

This was reported by Reuters, citing its own sources.

According to media reports, Venezuelan Armed Forces Major General Cleaver Antonio Alcalá Cordones was detained by the Colombian port city of Barranquilla, where he recently resided. It is noteworthy that the operation to detain the Venezuelan military was assigned to agents of the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Cordones made a deal with American intelligence agencies. Thus, agency sources noted that the general, accused by the States of drug trafficking and even terrorism, refused the right to appeal his extradition in court and agreed to cooperate with the investigation. Now UBN agents flew from Colombia to the United States along with Cordones.

The agency itself refused to comment on the situation, redirecting journalists to the US Department of Justice, but the media did not respond to the request there either.

As News Front previously reported, at the beginning of last year, the Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido, with US support, proclaimed himself the “president” of the Bolivarian Republic instead of the elected head of state, Nicolas Maduro. Washington immediately recognized the legitimacy of Guaido, forcing many other countries to do so. Nevertheless, after several futile attempts to lure the army to his side and carry out a coup, Guaido was never able to seize power in the country.

In this regard, the US Department of Justice decided to take a different path and accused fifteen representatives of official Caracas, including President Maduro, of drug trafficking.


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