Explosion thundered in southern Nigeria

Up to hundreds of houses were destroyed as a result of a strong explosion that thundered today, March 28, in the state of Ondo in southern Nigeria. This is reported by the Nigerian media.

Explosion thundered in southern Nigeria

According to police commissioner Undi Adi, the cause of the accident was a fire in a truck that transported explosives to one of the quarries.

“The truck was stopped at a police post at the junction near the airport, as smoke was pouring out from under the car and flames burst out. As soon as the driver got out of the truck to find out the cause of the fire, there was a powerful explosion,” he said.

The incident occurred immediately after midnight in the northern part of Akure, the administrative center of Ondo. Among the completely destroyed buildings are a boarding school, a church and a gas station. Disturbed traffic on the Ovo-Akure motorway.

The hospital brought the injured, including parishioners who were inside the destroyed church. Also, three guards of the boarding school were hospitalized, which at the time of the emergency was closed due to the coronavirus pandemic


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