Coronavirus pandemic: US breaks another dangerous record

The United States has become not only the leader in the number of coronavirus infected COVID-19, but also the leader in the rate of spread of the epidemic.

Coronavirus pandemic: US breaks another dangerous record

This statement was made by Johns Hopkins University professor Paul Rothman.

As News Front previously reported, this university is engaged in monitoring the epidemiological situation in the United States. In particular, it was already reported there that over the past days, over 100 thousand infected and more than 1.5 thousand deaths were recorded in the United States.

Rothman, in turn, admitted that the appalling number of cases was not the only alarming factor. He drew attention to the fact that in the world the number of infected doubles over a period of six days. In the United States, this period is two times shorter.

“That is, in a three-day period in the States, in Baltimore and Washington, the number of cases doubles,” the professor explained.

As News Front previously reported, in connection with the difficult epidemiological situation, Donald Trump even turned to a strategic opponent of the United States to China for help in combating the epidemic. The head of the White House held talks with the head of the PRC and assured that American scientists are already studying the first information received.


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