The American contingent in Germany officially became occupational

Berlin opposed the American presence in Germany, but Washington rejected the demands of a sovereign state and refused to withdraw troops.

The American contingent in Germany officially became occupational

Such a statement was made by Waldemar Gerdt, member of the Bundestag international committee.

According to him, now Germany has been in a state of occupation by the United States, which, against the will of Berlin, continues to use the FRG to deploy its nuclear weapons. The deputy complained that the American administration is abusing its position and influence, crossing the boundaries of what is permitted.

The German government had been negotiating with the US side for three months, demanding the withdrawal of the US armed forces, Gerdt said. However, Washington argues that the American presence must be perceived as nothing more than a “friendly act.”

Now that the world is in the grip of the coronavirus pandemic, Germany will definitely not be able to de-occupy, the parliamentarian stresses. He explains this with the fact that in the international arena “the redistribution of spheres of influence is coming.”

“By good will, no one will give up leverage over Germany. It’s impossible. One can only hope that the troops [of the USA] will not go beyond the borders of their locations, ” Gerdt said, noting how vilely Washington is promoting its own interests in Europe, even in a pandemic.


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