German MP calls sanctions against Russia absurd

The “absurd” sanctions against the Russian Federation should be lifted immediately and completely in case of a coronavirus pandemic, they contradict the FRG government’s declarations of solidarity and mutual assistance needed to fight COVID-19, the head of the German-Russian group in the Bundestag, deputy from the party “Alternative for Germany” Robbie Schlund said.

“The head of the German Ministry of Health, Jens, on March 25 told the Bundestag Health Committee that solidarity and mutual assistance at the international level between countries is unprecedented and extremely necessary in the coronavirus pandemic. Thus, he actually called sanctions against Russia absurd”, – Schlund said, adding that he urged the German government to “immediately lift Russian sanctions against the backdrop of the crisis and in the interests of people”.

According to the deputy, the sanctions contradict the idea of ​​cooperation and solidarity with the coronavirus, therefore, sanctions against Russia should be “completely lifted”.

“This would be a gesture of humanity and a contribution to understanding between nations and a step forward in supporting the economies of Germany and Russia after the pandemic”, – Schlund said.

“From my point of view, the minister from the ruling coalition of Germany (Span belongs to the CDU party, which is part of the government of Germany under the leadership of Chancellor Angela Merkel – ed.) Clearly spoke out against the current sanctions, since they impede to a significant extent the economic exchange in difficult times”, – Schlund explained.

The waiver of sanctions against the Russian Federation should be a software solution to support the German economy during the coronavirus pandemic, Bundestag MP, member of the Committee on Foreign Relations Anton Friesen said earlier. The German authorities can join the calls of the German opposition to lift sanctions against Russia, this will be possible if the real impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the German economy is significant enough, German political scientist Alexander Rar told and was quoted by RIA Novosti.


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