Rowhani has pledged to help any country in the fight against COVID-19

Iranian President Hassan Rowhani has expressed Tehran’s willingness to help any country to the best of his ability, while in the Islamic Republic itself the number of victims of the coronavirus is approaching two thousand.

Some countries have helped Iran by providing masks, essential medicines and some medical equipment, the president said, whose words are on his official website.

“We assume that we will provide assistance to any country that asks us for it as far as we can, and we will also accept it from those countries that have asked for it”, –  Rowhani said at the government meeting on Wednesday.

Iran, where the coronavirus has been spreading for more than a month and affecting all provinces, has received humanitarian aid from China, Russia, the UK, France, Germany and the World Health Organization, as well as several other countries. Tehran rejected the U.S. aid, saying that the best option was to lift the sanctions.

The total number of coronavirus infections in the country is close to 25,000, of which at least 1,934 are fatal. In this case, almost nine thousand people have recovered.


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