“Many thanks to the coronavirus”: Europe recognizes failure of authorities and is already envious of Russia

In Europe, there are far more dictatorships than it seemed, but in Russia they were able to prove that even tough measures to combat the epidemic can go within the framework of democratic norms.

This was told by the Norwegian journalist Kim Nur in a publication for the “Resett” edition.

He noted that Russia was able in a short time to protect itself from the spread of the coronavirus by taking the necessary measures while “Western European officials were struck by ideological paralysis”. Back in January, the Russian leadership began to suppress Chinese citizens from entering the country, closed the border and suspended railway and air traffic.

Norwegian authorities took restrictive measures only a month and a half later. But even when an epidemic was raging in Italy, Italian charter flights arrived at Norwegian airports.

“People could safely return from abroad, take a walk around Oslo Airport, and then leave for any corner of the country. This also applies to those who flew from high-risk areas”, – Nur says.

At the same time, he drew attention to the fact that now the Norwegians with suspected coronavirus “are forced to desperately seek analysis, and most of them were left without verification”.

When the Norwegian authorities nevertheless woke up and began to take measures to combat the epidemic, the first thing they did was violate the Constitution, the journalist continues. So, all citizens who left for their summer homes were driven to cities, although, as Nur emphasizes, “it is unacceptable to give laws retroactive force”.

“While the head of the Norwegian government, Erna Sulberg, neglects the Constitution in a fit of dictatorship, Russia clearly adheres to the law even in matters of returning to runaway quarantine”, – the journalist notes.

“With its own example, Russia is demonstrating that democracy and preventive infection control can coexist”.

The Norwegian authorities only proved their failure in emergency conditions. They preferred to act according to “ideological dogmas” and a “deliberately thought out scenario”, instead of sensibly assessing what was happening and starting from existing realities.

“These authorities have shown that they cannot manage the state in an epidemic and mass migration. I really want to say thanks to the coronavirus for helping to identify this”, – the journalist said.

In conclusion, he drew attention to the fact that Russia closed the border with Norway only on March 15. According to him, such patience of Moscow towards the “inhibited neighbor” is even surprising.

“Russia is extraordinarily friendly towards the Norwegians. Russia loves Norway, therefore, when the crisis is left behind, we must show reciprocity”, – said Kim Nur.


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