How the EU failed a solidarity test: the number of adherents of European integration diminished in Serbia

Serbia will not become a member of the European Union, but it will be able to pursue its independent foreign policy.

This was stated by the Head of the Belgrade Center for International Public Policy, Michel Zubenitsa, in a commentary to the “Eurasia. Expert” edition.

According to him, the EU in vain imposed a ban on the export of medicines that Serbia so needed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

“This decision was truly unfair, because it clearly demonstrates that there is no solidarity in Europe. Moreover, a few months ago, Brussels opposed the fact that Serbia would buy medicines in China”, – the expert said.

He acknowledged that today Serbia is indeed oriented towards the European Union, given that it is surrounded by the countries of the commonwealth and those who wish to join it. In particular, 70% of Serbian exports enter the European market. However, Serbia is extremely far from EU membership, Zubenitsa emphasizes.

“Support [of Serbia’s accession to the European Union] is declining, and I believe that Serbia will never become a member of the EU, continuing its own foreign policy, which will allow building friendly relations with states, including Russia and China”, – the expert said.