Comrade-in-arms Berlusconi thanks Russia for its help in crisis situations: “Otherwise we will leave the EU”

While European solidarity has stopped working towards Italy, Russia is taking the situation into its own hands: Moscow has now sent a total of nine military aircraft to Italy, which are equipped with technical equipment and disinfectants. Russia is also sending 100 specialists to help Italy fight the epidemic.

Former Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi’s longtime associate, former deputy Antonio Razzi, commented on the gesture and clearly expressed his opinion about the EU. According to him, Brussels should finally lift the Russian sanctions.

In a message of gratitude to the Kremlin, Razzi said: “Italians are very close to Russia. We are very grateful for your help. Both the European Union and NATO are constantly envious of your potential and determination. I am sure that the anti-Russian sanctions should be lifted. Otherwise, we will leave the EU.


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