An airport was shelled in the Libyan capital

An airport was shelled in the Libyan capital, 2 foreigners were killed. Information about the countries of origin of the deceased has not been made public.

A missile strike by illegal armed groups controlled by General Khalifa Haftar in eastern Libya at Mitiga airport in Tripoli killed two foreign workers. This was reported by the agency Anadolu.

As a result of the missile strike, two foreign employees were killed and one Libyan citizen was injured.

It is also reported that a lot of damage was caused to settlements around the airport “Mitiga”.

Information about the citizens of which countries the dead employees were, has not been made public.

Following the revolution of 17 February 2011, Libya had entered a period of political instability. Two Governments, the House of Representatives in the city of Tobruk and the General National Congress in Tripoli, have been formed. Both Governments have armed groups under their control.

On 17 December 2015, a political agreement was signed in Morocco through the mediation of the United Nations, establishing the Government of National Accord.


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