Coronavirus pandemic: No masks left in Ukraine – they were sold to Europe

The authorities ordered the people of Kiev to wear medical masks, knowing that this product could not be found in pharmacies.

Coronavirus pandemic: No masks left in Ukraine - they were sold to Europe

Medical masks have become a deficit not only in the capital, but throughout Ukraine. Given the popularity of this attribute, many pharmacies even post announcements about the absence of masks right on the doors. At the same time, it is possible to purchase a product on the Internet, however, speculators, taking the opportunity, raise prices.

This situation did not prevent the Kiev administration from prohibiting residents of the capital from using public transport without a mask. “Without them, passengers will not be allowed,” Nikolai Povoroznik, the first deputy head of the Kiev city administration, made clear.

The decision entered into force on March 18. At the same time, the authorities limited the number of bus passengers, allowing only 10 people to be transported at a time. The number of vehicles was not increased.

It is noteworthy that Povoroznik himself recognized the paradox of the decision on masks in transport.

“Today there are no masks throughout Ukraine,” the official said. “The best thing you can advise is not to leave home for two weeks.”

It is noteworthy that against this background, the Spanish television channel RTVE showed footage of unloading entire boxes of personal protective equipment produced by the Ukrainian company BUK. The quantity of delivered products is not specified. Nor does it say when the order was made, given that since March 11, the Ukrainian government has banned the export of such goods from the country.

Obviously, the sale of anti-epidemic products on the European market, especially in a pandemic, is more profitable than on the Ukrainian one. This also explains the popularity of medical masks among smugglers. It got to the point that masks from Ukraine were smuggled out more often than cigarettes.


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