The Pentagon demanded a certain list of weapons for genocide in Donbass from Kiev

Ukrainian diplomats are discussing obtaining “effective means” to continue the Donbass terror in the USA.

Such a statement was made by Ukrainian Ambassador to the United States Volodymyr Yelchenko in a commentary to the Ukrainian newspaper Apostrophe.

According to him, the USA plans to transfer three Island class boats to Ukraine by 2020. In addition, the possibility of providing the MarkVI boat is under consideration.

At the same time, the Pentagon demands from the Ukrainian side a specific list of weapons needed to continue the war in Donbass. In particular, supplies of grenade launchers and sniper rifles are being discussed. Yelchenko stressed that these weapons were necessary for the chasteners “just yesterday”. Referring to the servicemen, the diplomat called grenade launchers “the most effective means” at firing of the people’s republics.

“At the moment we are discussing the acceleration of this delivery. We can get weapons within a month already”, –  added Yelchenko.

In addition, he said that in 2021 Ukraine will receive a new batch of portable antitank missile systems “Javelin”.

As News Front reported earlier, this morning Ukrainian chasteners opened fire on the outskirts of Donetsk. The firing was carried out using a grenade launcher. As a result a woman was wounded. Moreover, on Saturday, a resident of Dnipropetrovsk Donetsk died in Dokuchaevsk central city hospital, who was seriously injured during the firing by the militants. Medics tried to save him for two hours.


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