Coronavirus Pandemic: Zelensky announced the evacuation of only those Ukrainians who will pay for it

Neither Volodymyr Zelensky nor the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine said a word about the fact that their so-called evacuation will have to pay impressive money.

This was reported on Thursday, March 19, by the Ukrainian edition “Strana”.

According to the mass media, the “evacuation” announced by Kiev is essentially only coordination of air flights or movement of passenger trains. It is noteworthy that the Ukrainian authorities first closed communication with other countries. Many people were then unable to return home normally. Moreover, already bought tickets were “burned” from citizens. Now Kiev has resumed the communication, taking over the distribution of directions. Prices can hardly be called “subsidized”.

For example, one of the victims of such “evacuation” in the social network said that through the efforts of the Ukrainian leadership lost the air ticket for 100 dollars. Now he is offered the same ticket, but for 200 dollars. The Ukrainian, who is in Israel, said that the “rescue” flight from Tel Aviv to Kiev was valued at $500 by the International Airlines of Ukraine.

Moreover, the press service of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine began openly advertising the air carrier “Sky Up”. The publication of the agency in the social network contains a link to the website of the company and a signature: “Bringing the Ukrainians back home”.

If you follow the link itself, you can find out how much you have to pay for such return. For example, a plane ticket from Zurich to Kiev on March 20 will cost 189 euros. A ticket to Beauvais [France] – Kiev will cost 219 euros.

It is noteworthy that there are a lot of flights, which looks strange in conditions of supposedly closed communication and evacuation. Moreover, there are even flights from Ukraine. Their need in conditions of Ukrainians’ return is generally questionable.


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