Libyan conflict: militants staged an artillery vendetta, Turkish “reinforcements” sit in Tripoli

Groups loyal to the government of national consent do not stop desperate attempts to seize the initiative from the Libyan National Army.

Libyan conflict: militants staged an artillery vendetta, Turkish "reinforcements" sit in Tripoli

According to local sources, in an attempt to break through to the positions of the army of Marshal Khalifa Haftar, militants are firing with mortars and artillery. Their aggression intensified after the defeat in the Ramla area in the south of the Libyan capital. So they are trying to avenge serious losses.

According to reports, the militants are trying to break into the areas of Saadiya, Abu Salim, Mashrua Al-Hadba, Ramla, as well as at the Tariq Al-Matar highway in Tripoli.

It is noteworthy that Ankara, as promised, continues to send militants to the aid of the GNA, only those who, upon arrival in Tripoli, prefer to stay there. Instead of participating in the battles, they organize robbery and terrorize the population of the Libyan capital.

As News Front previously reported, Marshal Khalifa Haftar’s Libyan National Army resumed its offensive on Tripoli late last year. The government of national consensus in response requested support from Ankara, after which loyal Turkish jihadists who fought in Syria came to the aid of local militants.

The Libyan crisis began in 2011. Then, during the armed coup, Muammar Gaddafi was overthrown, which entailed the creation of dual power in the country. So, in Tripoli, with the support of the West, the so-called Government of National Accord was formed, which refused to recognize the Libyan parliament in the city of Tobruk, who nominated General Haftar for the post of commander.


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