In the US, the panic over the coronavirus, Americans are massively buying up weapons and ammunition

After the United States began sending troops to fight the coronavirus, the U.S. residents panicked in large numbers to buy firearms and ammunition for fear that the law enforcement forces would stop functioning normally due to a pandemic.

As the Americans themselves explain, they fear that, due to a pandemic, law enforcement forces will cease to function normally.

“If our policemen get infected, who will patrol the streets, who will guard us? I don’t want to be robbed. You need to protect yourself and your family yourself, ” said one of the buyers in an arms store in California.

The owner of a gun shop in California noted that when people don’t feel safe, arms sales go up, so sales of rifles, rifles, pistols, revolvers, and their ammunition have soared five times in the past few weeks.

At the same time, the mayor of Illinois (state in the Midwestern United States) said that the authorities would not restrict the sale of weapons in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, but urged residents not to raise a panic.


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