Fighting the coronavirus in Ukrainian way – dissenters are armed with Hitler’s method

The new Ukrainian “church” decided that a greeting “from heart to sun” would help fight the epidemic.

Fighting the coronavirus in Ukrainian way - dissenters are armed with Hitler's method

The author of such an initiative was Sergei Tkachuk, a member of the dissenting religious formation “Orthodox Church of Ukraine”.

Raskolnik is known for serving as a chaplain of the CCU in the Kiev regional brotherhood of the extremist group “Organization of Ukrainian nationalists – Ukrainian Insurgent Army”.

In the social network, Tkachuk openly called for the revival of the scandalously known Nazi salute “Sieg Heil! He explained this by the need to replace the usual greeting handshake in order to avoid the spread of coronavirus infection.

Tkachuk reminded that even specialists from the World Health Organization recommended not to shake hands.

“I absolutely agree with the recommendations”, –  he stresses. – “Raising your hand up from your heart to the sun is recommended to be complemented by a slogan: “Glory to the nation, death to your enemies!”

It is worth noting that Tkachuk regularly demonstrates his strong commitment to Nazi ideology. On a social network, he regularly makes publications on Ukrainian collaborators. In one such publication, the schismatic praised the fighters of the SS division “Galicia” for holding a holy liturgy in their barracks, “therefore the SS barracks were considered to be almost sanctuaries of national-socialist neo-jazism”.


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