In New York, teachers demand quarantine schools

In New York, local teachers are unhappy with the reaction of local authorities to the situation in the country. A state of emergency has been operating in the United States since March 13, but city authorities have not quarantined schools.

In New York, teachers demand quarantine schools

Teachers have turned to unions and are preparing for a strike. They agree on a mass absenteeism at work. At the same time, they want to go on sick leave, thus making their speech invulnerable from the point of view of labor legislation. Uniting through social networks and communicating with their unions, teachers demand to protect themselves and their families from the spread of the coronavirus, which, in their opinion, threatens the decision of New York Mayor Bill de Blasio not to quarantine schools.

Such a situation, by the way, is only with public schools. Private individuals themselves have already quarantined. And attendance at still working schools has already decreased by 68%.


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