The US learned a sad lesson from the Arctic maneuvers. It is impossible to hide from Russia even in the ice

The Russian Aerospace Forces delivered an extremely clear message to the US military.

About this writes the publication “Popular Mechanics”, commenting on the incident that occurred in the north of Alaska, where Russian Tu-142 bombers appeared in the sky right above American submarines.

The media recalled that once every two years the United States conducts exercises in the region in order to work out maneuvers in the extreme north. These exercises involve submarines. Punching the ice, they float to the surface to create an operational base. It was over it that the Russian Tu-142 appeared in the sky. The publication drew attention to the fact that aircraft, usually rising to a great height, in this case flew less than a thousand meters above the ground. It follows from this that the flight was indicative.

“A curious question: how was Russia able to find this ice base at all? It is located fifty miles from the mainland among the endless polar wasteland. Bombers showed up five days after the base was deployed, which means they had to spend some time searching. Nevertheless, the message of such a flight is very clear: Russia may well find the American army even in the Arctic”, – the publication notes.