Russian ambassador comments on the integration agenda of Moscow and Minsk

Russian Ambassador to Belarus Dmitry Mezentsev stated that it is important to continue the work of Moscow and Minsk on the integration agenda of the union construction.

Russian ambassador comments on the integration agenda of Moscow and Minsk

“The work on union building can take a variety of forms and with different intensities, but we must fulfill the task set by the heads of state to unleash the potential of the Union state. The program of action to implement the provisions of the treaty was initiated by the heads of government of our countries back in September 2019. This is a large-scale promising document is valid today”, – the diplomat told the reporters on Saturday in Minsk, commenting on the talks held this week in Moscow between the heads of the governments of Russia and Belarus Mikhail Mishustin and Sergei Rumas.

He believes that given the fact that a certain time has passed since the initiating of the document, “a number of terms indicated in the roadmaps of the program of action will require adjustment”.

“At the same time, the parties are not obliged to complete the integration work by some kind of “anniversary date”. There is no need for excessive haste, unreasonable haste. It is important to follow the integration algorithm only in agreed steps – in those areas for which both sides are ready. The main thing is within common approaches, not contradicting each other’s positions”, – Mezentsev added.

The ambassador noted the importance of the work already carried out by the governments and sectoral ministries of the two countries to develop measures to deepen integration within the Union State, and also called for an objective assessment of the significant potential of the Union Treaty.

“This concerns economic interaction and taking into account the development practices and programs of the two countries, which will make us stronger and more competitive. We need to take the best and most advanced from each other, share our experience, including on improving the national legislative base”, – he stressed.

Mezentsev added that as a result of the large-scale work done in preparing the program and the package of “road maps”, the parties determined the guidelines whose achievement will make the national economies of Belarus and Russia more competitive. Including, according to him, “this will be a joint response to the challenges and threats that our countries face – taking into account the unfavorable situation on foreign markets”.

The ambassador noted that there are special relations between Belarus and Russia, which is confirmed by the Union Treaty. The diplomat called not to “replace” the significance of integration work with any momentary disagreements and emphasized that, unfortunately, “those who want to help” complicate the interaction “are enough.”

“The stronger Russia and Belarus, the greater the success of Union building, the more intensively our ill-wishers will “rock” the situation. This is not at all good for Belarusians and Russians, but globally – for those who “rock” the situation not only in the European Union. The world is fragile and vulnerable, and only interaction and alliance, willingness to defend one’s arguments, but also to hear the arguments of the other side – even in the most heated debate – this is a condition for development in the 21st century”, – Mezentsev noted.


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