Iran protests US over allegations of attack on base in Iraq

Iran’s Foreign Ministry has protested the United States over Washington’s statements that Tehran is responsible for the attack on the Western coalition base in Iraq.

“In connection with the groundless statements of the US President that Iran was responsible for the attack on the base of the Taji coalition forces in Iraq, the Swiss ambassador to Tehran, representing the interests of the United States, was called for a decisive protest”, – said Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman also warned Washington against rash actions, warning of the consequences, and also indicated that the “illegal presence” of the United States was the cause of tension in Iraq.

On Wednesday evening, more than 15 small missiles fell at the base of Taji, where coalition forces led by the United States are stationed. The home-made launcher was on a truck a few kilometers from the base. Earlier it was reported that the victims of the attack were three members of the coalition, another 12 were injured. The official representative of the Joint Command of the Iraqi Armed Forces, Tahsin al-Hafaji, told on Thursday that Iraqi troops were also affected by the shelling.

After that, the United States delivered targeted attacks on five weapons depots of the Shiite group Kataib Hezbollah in Iraq.

Iraqi security services reported that six people died as a result of US air strikes at several sites in Iraq, including the Karbala airport under construction. The Iraqi Armed Forces condemned the US Air Force attack, noting that it “violates the principle of cooperation”.


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