American aviation is sentenced. A hole will appear in the US nuclear triad for ten years

Budget cuts will cause dozens of the US Air Force bombers to go to waste.

This statement was made by an American retired general, Michael Law.

According to him, already in 2021, a serious crisis awaits the United States military aviation in connection with the reduction of financial subsidies from the state budget. In particular, the current proposals for the military budget for fiscal year 2021 already imply the cancellation of the third part of the US-armed B-1 Lancer bombers. It is about twenty units.

In addition, funding for the modernization of the B-2 strategic bombers known for using the stealth system will be discontinued. Their production ceased in 1999. Now the U.S. Air Force has twenty of these machines.

An even more deplorable situation is with the B-52 Stratofortress. Airplanes, which have been used since 1955, now require serious modernization of engines and other systems.

Michael Law pointed out that the effect of financial reduction would not be so noticeable if the US Air Force had something to replace the aging aircraft. However, the latest B-21 Raider bomber will be able to make a full contribution no earlier than ten years from now. At the same time, the need for bombers is becoming stronger.

The first B-21 Raider bomber should appear only five years later. The updated US nuclear triad, as planned, should include sixty units of these machines.