Kosovo elites sabotage settlement – Washington entrusted further dialogue with Belgrade

The opposition forces of Kosovo voiced their own vision of the further process of resolving the crisis: first, Belgrade must recognize the independence of the quasi-state, and only after that Pristina will refuse duties on Serbian goods.

Kosovo elites sabotage settlement - Washington entrusted further dialogue with Belgrade

This concept was voiced by one of the leaders of the Kosovo Liberation Army, a war criminal and the former head of the Kosovo “government” Ramush Haradinai. Speaking at the conference of unity, which Haradinai himself convened, he said that Washington should conduct further dialogue with Belgrade on the issue of Kosovo settlement. In his opinion, such a mediation would be beneficial to Pristina if she “supported the energy coming from the White House”.

At the same time, Haradinai said that he was opposed to the abolition of one hundred percent duties on Serbian goods.

“Regarding duties, we disagree. From the side of the Alliance [the party “Alliance for the Future of Kosovo” led by Haradinai] we advocate that duties exist until they recognize us”, – the politician said.

It is important to note that it was the duties that caused the freezing of the negotiation process to resolve the Kosovo crisis.

As News Front reported, in the fall of 2018, Pristina introduced 100% duties on Serbian goods. This decision entailed the freezing of the dialogue with Belgrade on a Kosovo settlement. Recently, the United States has insisted on resuming negotiations. As a result, Washington has repeatedly pointed out that duties must be abolished, but the Kosovo elites ignored the demands of Western patrons.

Ultimately, the States put forward a tough ultimatum to the Kosovo separatists, according to which the American armed forces will leave the territory of the self-proclaimed “republic” if they do not change their minds. On the eve of this already talked about even in the Senate.

Curtie, in response to US demands, had previously announced a “goodwill gesture”, which meant phasing out duties. At the same time, he demanded reciprocal measures from Belgrade, and if there are none, then the duties will be renewed. The American administration did not like this approach, because Washington imposed sanctions on Pristina.


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