Special regime is introduced in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Especially tough regime due to coronavirus will be set in Slovakia. Everything that is not essential for life will be closed there.

Special regime is introduced in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia

In three countries – Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, they introduced a special regime in connection with the spread of coronavirus. In the Czech Republic it was introduced for 30 days, in Slovakia for two weeks, according to TASS on Thursday, March 12.

An epidemiological threat provision will be introduced in Poland. This was announced on Thursday, March 12 at a press conference on Thursday by the Minister of Health of the Republic Lukash Shumovsky.

As the minister explained, this means that traffic may be partially limited, the use of certain products may be temporarily restricted, institutions may be closed and activities prohibited, and the Ministry of Health may order the provision of buildings and territories necessary to combat the epidemic.

Shumovsky also informed that 19 hospitals intended exclusively for patients infected with coronavirus would be created throughout the country. In each of the 16 voivodships (regions) of the republic, at least one such medical institution will appear. These hospitals will be ready to receive patients from Monday.

At the same time, the minister admitted that sooner or later the number of infected people will begin to grow very quickly.

“We now have a situation of epidemic threat”, –  he stressed, urging those sent to quarantine to abide by this regime, and asked the remaining citizens to stay at home if possible.

In Poland, at present, 47 confirmed cases of the disease caused by the new coronavirus have been recorded, 317 people have been hospitalized with suspected coronavirus, more than 1 thousand are in home quarantine, and one woman has died.

Also, a state of emergency due to coronavirus is declared in the Czech Republic. This was announced at a press conference following a government meeting, Prime Minister Andrei Babish.

“In the Czech Republic, there is a state of emergency from 14:00 CET. It will be valid for the next 30 days”, – said Babish.

Also, the Slovak government in connection with the threat of expansion of the coronavirus has declared a state of emergency throughout the republic since March 12, said Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini.

The crisis headquarters of Slovakia, in connection with the situation with the coronavirus, decided to close three international airports, schools, social and cultural institutions and limited the operation of shopping centers, Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini said at a briefing on Thursday, whose speech was broadcast on network TV channels.

“Everything that is not absolutely necessary for life will be closed for 14 days. At the borders, control is being introduced, their crossing is now possible only at some large checkpoints. Everyone who comes to the country from risk zones will be subject to a mandatory 14-day quarantine. all three international airports, schools and other children’s institutions, cultural and social institutions, catering establishments. The work of shopping centers is limited”, – Pellegrini said, noting that on weekends you can only buy medicines and products.

Earlier it was reported that in Poland there was a jump in the incidence of coronavirus. Currently, 47 cases of COVID-19 infection have been confirmed in the country.


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