In the case of MH17, an anonymous witness appeared who was hiding nearby and heard a “Russian accent”

Anonymous witness: “Russians spoke Russian with a Russian accent!”

In the case of MH17, an anonymous witness appeared who was hiding nearby and heard a “Russian accent”

Briefly about the past meeting

The exceptionally large part of the report consisted of demagogic discussions about how Russian diplomats detonated a bomb in Qatar and hacked someone’s computers, and the militia “set up terror on their territory.” Therefore, all witnesses are terribly afraid and must remain anonymous. Among the witnesses, M58 is especially interesting – the “Russian volunteer”, who recognized the “Russian accent”. The testimony of the “witness” was filmed with the destruction of the possibility of identification of his personality.

Who is he, this “mysterious witness”?

If it was a local resident, then he would say that the soldiers spoke either Russian or Ukrainian, but not with a Russian accent! And if he was a foreigner, then he would never have distinguished Russian from Ukrainian! 50% of Russians live in Ukraine, and this one identified the soldier by accent and it came in as a testimony! But after all, almost the entire Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine at least says “with a Russian accent.” Most – purely in Russian can. Crime disclosed, you can disperse!

And besides, how did the “witness” appear next to the BUK, that no one paid attention to him, and even saw how the rocket was launched? Quite impoverished fantasy in the SSG! If the accusation is based on such evidence, then you can not conduct a trial, but immediately declare who the Netherlands appoints guilty.

Note that the witness is anonymous not because he is threatened by something; anonymous because in this case he can carry any game. It is impossible to check the readings! Thereby, the question of finding the witness himself where he supposedly was and of the type personally heard and saw was called into question. Also note, they will never show him to anyone, for the sake of his safety, and then they will make plastic!

The technical side of the investigation for two days is not disclosed TOTALLY NO. Neither about soil samples, nor about radar data, nor about the Almaz-Anteya field experiment – NOT A WORD. I recall that the head of the National Prosecutor’s Office of the Netherlands, Westerbeck, stated that the investigators did not need technical expertise and would rely on testimony. Therefore, there will be this circus with secret witnesses of Putin’s crimes.

Apparently the grass-hunters got all these eternal disputes, now they will stupidly secret, and they will talk, but secret witness number 5 said they let him in from Russian Buk, and witness number six said that he heard Putin give a direct order. With such “convincing evidence and evidence,” the process itself must be closed. And you can smoke calmly, and then say that Putin (witness No. 7) himself admitted.

The main intrigue – how are the Dutch going to zabutat a fragment of a rocket with a serial number, which they themselves showed?