Expert comments on the US intention to reduce troops in Afghanistan

The United States began to reduce the number of troops in Afghanistan, the Pentagon said. Colonel Vladimir Koshelev commented on this event.


The US confirms the beginning of the reduction in the number of troops in Afghanistan, the Pentagon said.

According to the military, the United States armed forces in Afghanistan began downsizing to 8,600 within 135 days “in accordance with the Joint Declaration of the United States and the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, as well as the agreement between the United States and the Taliban.”

This withdrawal of troops is based on certain conditions, the Pentagon specified.

It is emphasized that the United States will continue to continue counter-terrorism operations against al-Qaeda* and ISIS*, as well as provide support to the security forces of Afghanistan.

On Radio Sputnik, Deputy Chairman of the Central Board of the “Russian Union of Afghanistan Veterans”, reserve colonel, writer Vladimir Koshelev commented on this statement.

“Washington, the Pentagon and the leaders of the United States of America have repeatedly announced the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. And here we see: “the fresh tradition, but hard to believe”. Therefore, I think that there will be no final conclusion – certain American bases will probably remain there, they will surely remain certain forces represented by private military companies that are not part of the armed forces. I’m not expecting anything else in this situation”, – said Vladimir Koshelev.

* – Terrorist organizations banned in Russia


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