Biden does not intend to solve the problems of the Americans, but has already given clear guarantees for the oligarchy

This is the story of journalist Ben Judah in a publication for The Guardian.

Biden does not intend to solve the problems of the Americans, but has already given clear guarantees for the oligarchy

According to him, if Biden succeeds in winning, then the United States will resemble the Soviet Union on the eve of its collapse. As Judah notes, at that time the USSR became a complex system, in which, however, there were problems. Neither Leonid Brezhnev nor Konstantin Chernenko were in a hurry to solve them. Although the author of the publication calls his comparison a “serious joke”, he also calls on the US democratic elites to think about what they are doing.

Judah drew attention to the fact that among the Democratic candidates were those who insisted on structural reforms. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders regularly criticized the US economic system. Politicians pointed out that it was she who ensured the success of Donald Trump in 2016.

Biden, in turn, only dismissed aside the proposals of opponents, in absentia recognizing them as ineffective. Meanwhile, in negotiations with his sponsors, he promised not to limit their interests, but also to avoid reforms in “an aggressive, hegemonic and extremely hyped foreign policy.” So, despite his weakness, Biden enlisted the support of his party’s oligarchic elites, the author explains. The situation is compounded by the fact that this is happening in the context of the decline of the United States.

Those who sympathize with Biden see in him the face of American leadership, which has long lost its meaning, forgetting that it was based on internal stability. But there can be no question of it when for decades the incomes of Americans have remained unchanged, and 140 million citizens cannot pay for medical services, Judah emphasizes. He also drew attention to the reduction in life expectancy and the growth of mortgage debts. All this mercilessly destroys the foundation of America, the journalist states, but the ruling elites prefer to ignore these problems.

In conclusion, Judah urged all those who support Biden to realize that his victory will bring to power “a kind of interim government that will take the oath and will faithfully follow the myths of a superpower, ignoring serious problems in the system, because they are too complicated”.


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