Media: DPRK fired unidentified shells

DPRK has launched three missiles in the direction of the Sea of Japan, Ronhap agency reported citing the South Korean military.

Media: DPRK fired unidentified shells
Earlier, the agency informed about the launch of  “at least one unidentified shell”.

According to the Joint Chiefs of Staff of South Korea, the launch of short-range missiles of various types was held at 7.36 local time  in their Song Dok district in Hamgyeon-Nam-do Province.

“The highest range was about 200 kilometres, the altitude was about 50 kilometres, and U.S. intelligence agencies and Kazakhstan are analyzing additional information”, –  it said.

In turn, the agency Kyodo reports with reference to the Japanese government that the DPRK held ballistic missile launches on Monday. They have not reached Japan’s exclusive economic zone.
Japan’s coast guard recommended vessels in the Sea of Japan to be careful.

This is the second test since the beginning of the month: On March 2, North Korea launched two unidentified shells towards the Sea of Japan. Prior to that, the DPRK had launched two large-calibre RSF shells on 28 November 2019.

Last year, North Korea tested 13 missiles and rockets. The UN calls such events in Pyongyang a violation of the Security Council resolution.


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