Opposition in the Mexican Senate accused the government of surveillance

Mauricio Curi, Coordinator of the Senate Caucus of the Party for National Action (PAN), interrupted an ordinary session of the Mexican Parliament on Thursday to report on hidden microphones found in the offices of PAN senators.

Opposition in the Mexican Senate accused the government of surveillance

“The administrative staff of the parliamentary group just informed me that we were being spied on and handed over these microphones. I believed that these practices were a thing of the past. We are passing on to the Madam Speaker a statement of intent to contact the prosecutor’s office for investigation”, –  Kuri said, a video of the speech was published on his Twitter.

In his signature to the video, the senator accused the government of surveillance and said he was determined to punish the organizers to the fullest extent of the law.

Senate Speaker Monica Fernandez, after the PAN faction speech, said that action would be taken. The opposition’s protest in the Senate was also supported by representatives of the leading bloc Morena (Movimiento Nacional de Reconstrucción, the ruling left-wing party led by incumbent President López Obrador), who also demanded that the Prosecutor General’s Office fully investigate the facts of surveillance.

In September, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador demonstrated at a press conference a hidden video camera discovered in the official meeting room of the Presidential Palace and said that he did not attach much importance to it. According to him, the government itself has categorically abandoned the practice of surveillance of political opponents and media representatives that existed before.