Civilians return to the liberated village near Aleppo

Civilians return to the recently liberated prestigious village of Khan al-Asal in the suburbs of Aleppo, which the militants held for several years. Terrorists left the village almost completely destroyed.

Civilians return to the liberated village near Aleppo

“There is nothing in the house, it is empty. We left everything here – furniture, televisions, washing machines. My computer is not there either. So far I have to repair it. But I won’t show my mom the photo, it’s hard for me, imagine I won’t show my father either, he can be said to have lost his life at this construction site, and now”, – Abdurakhman Hamad told reporters in Russian, his father had been doing business with Russian companies for a long time.

In the village, which is located a short drive from Aleppo, there is a lot of garbage, electric cables are lying on the ground. There is no water and light, the walls of buildings have not yet had time to paint over the symbols of the militants. One of the most beautiful buildings of Khan el-Asal – a two-story mansion – militants adapted for the hospital. Syringes, medical devices, medicines are scattered on the floor, and a hospital bed is located at the entrance to the street. According to local residents, the headquarters of the White Helmets organization, which Russia has repeatedly convicted of staging chemical attacks, was located in the village. Confirmation of this is a booklet found in improvised hospital with the image of people in white helmets.

In the liberated village is still not crowded. Here, until the last, entrepreneur Memeh Faked Umar remained, who also traded with Russia and even taught children at the school at the Russian embassy.

“At first, when they seized the territory, they made such a mess here. Many fled, they (the militants – ed.) went into their houses and stole everything. They dragged everything to the last thread”, – he said about the atrocities committed by the militants.

Syrian Mahmoud Hassan returned to the village where his parents’ house is located.

“Everything has been looted, dismantled. For some reason, the militants took my father with him, he’s 90 years old – and they keep him in prison somewhere near Idlib, although he never did anything illegal”, – Memekh Faked Umar says.

Residents thank the Syrian army for the liberation of the village, Russia for their help.

“Thanks to the Syrian army and your country for helping to finally liberate our village. Now we live in Aleppo with relatives, but, of course, we want to go home. Everything here will have to be started anew”, – said Murad Insadyk, who came to see on what remains of his house.


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