In Montenegro, there are trends that will not please the U.S

Once again, citizens are resisting attempts to drag their country into the Western community.

In Montenegro, there are trends that will not please the U.S

This was told by the mayor of the Montenegrin town of Tuzi, the head of the party “Albanian Alternative” Nick Dzhelioshai, commenting on the mass protests that unfolded against the backdrop of the scandalous law on religious freedom in Montenegro.

As News Front previously reported, the democratic name of the document conceals an attempt to legitimize the dissenting formation of the “Montenegrin Orthodox Church. Moreover, the law creates a mechanism that allows taking away the shrines from the canonical church. It will be obliged to “prove” its right to the temples belonging to it. Otherwise, they will be transferred under the control of dissenters.

Jelioshai, in turn, complains that the meaning of these protests is much deeper. According to him, the demonstrations are organized by those who oppose the pro-Western aspirations of the Montenegrin authorities. He is sure that this way citizens demonstrate their desire to return Montenegro to those times when pro-Western politician Milo Djukanovic has not yet come to power.

“Now it is 1997, when the struggle between pro-European and anti-European forces began”, –  he says, stressing that now, as at the end of the last century, Montenegrins are on the way to establishing cooperation with “the most important partner – the United States”.

Returning to the religious meaning of the protests, he said that attempts by believers to defend the rights of the canonical Serbian Orthodox Church to its shrine are meaningless. Djeljosaic noted that religious sites are not the property of the church at all, as they were built with money from parishioners or taxpayers.


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