$5 billion for a Maidan Coup: How many costs anti-russian propaganda for CIA?

What does the CIA propaganda say in the US in order to hide the step by step intrusion into Ukraine? What’s going on in the South-East part of Ukraine? How does it look like from the US’s mirror side? And was the Crimea annexation to Russia legal? All answers to the question in an exclusive interview with American citizen Ronald Gaudier.

$5 billion for a Maidan Coup: How many costs anti-russian propaganda for CIA?

It is clear that Americans doesn’t hear that the freedom fighters of Donbass are fighting for their independence. Despite Americans are told that there is Russian invasion into the country, for some people the lie is evident. Ronald explains the reasons for this in the following way:

“Americans don’t know that all started with the CIA operation. There’s no doubt about it. The United States funded the Maidan Coup.  $5 billion was spent. There’re American politicians over there praising the banderistas. There’s no question that the United States sponsored it. The motivations are clear. What’s the United States doing?  They’re trying to move occupation to Eastern world countries in order to make aimer of all Russian”.

According to Ronald Gaudier the events in Crimea has bee also an appropriate reaction, because Crimea was a part of Russia for much longer then it was a part of Ukraine.

“Crimea is also populated by Russians. Besides, Crimea is a location for very important Russian naval base. So, from a strategic point of view, Putin had to do that. He saw that the United States is trying to expand NATO for the longest world. He had to do something. It is a correct reaction. That is very measure response”, says Ronald.  

Overall last 3 years there has been a lot of political drama. There’s no doubt that politicians don’t represent people, they represent globalist interests, especially military-industrial complex. That’s why now the US is trying to rekindle animosity between Russia and the United States and trying to say that Russia is a huge threat for us.

“They justify us doing more things to counter the Russian threats which includes more involvement countries like Ukraine. I’ve heard American politician’s said that we help the Ukrainian spy to fight Russians there. They are fighting Russians for us. As if Russians want to invade us. They’re crazy”, comments Ronald Gaudier. In conclusion, he states that in reality it is impossible with the United States.

Recall, NewsFront correspondent had an exclusive interview with American citizen Ronald Gaudier who has been already supporting Donbass people for three years. The story of this person is fascinating because despite the CIA propaganda he reveals the true state of things. Now he lives and works in the US, but eventually tries to become a Russian resident. We met Ronald Gaudier in St. Petersburg during his 6th trip to Russia in 2 years.