US “partners” have prepared a coronavirus attack: “Defender of Europe” will be her sentence

NATO will turn the EU into a huge hotbed of the coronavirus epidemic.

US "partners" have prepared a coronavirus attack: "Defender of Europe" will be her sentence

This was told by the candidate of medical sciences, who headed the infectious ward of the 1409th naval clinical hospital of the Baltic Fleet, Ivan Popel, in a commentary to EADaily.

The expert assessed the gloomy prospects for Europe, taking into account two factors, namely the spread of the coronavirus infection COVID-19 and the NATO exercise “Defender Europe 2020”.

As News Front previously reported, the notorious maneuvers of the alliances became known due to their scale and clear anti-Russian orientation.

The task of the exercises is to work out the only operation – counteracting the enemy in the European theater of operations with causing enough damage to force the opponent to capitulate. Although the organizers do not indicate who exactly they mean by the enemy, it is clear that in Europe it can only be Russia.

Armies from nineteen countries take part in the exercises. The number of military personnel is about 37 thousand soldiers, while 20 thousand are soldiers of the US Armed Forces, deployed here across the Atlantic Ocean.

Ivan Popel is sure that maneuvers are fraught with an incredible threat: a huge military group that is in constant motion can accelerate the spread of the epidemic, especially since this does not even require a person. The expert emphasizes that the carrier can even be a military vehicle in which dust particles containing the virus remain.

“For this [spread of coronavirus] a person is not needed at all,” says Popel. – See what happens in Italy, which has become the focus of the coronavirus. There restricted traffic. Now the spread is underway, and the mixing factor of the immune and non-immune contingent may work when those already infected or those with the virus in the incubation stage will transmit it in the absence of normal medical control. ”

He emphasized that we are talking about the established laws of infectology. Thus, the soldiers involved in the Defender Europe 2020 exercises, having become infected, will become nurseries of the coronavirus and carry it across Germany, Poland and the Baltic countries. Despite this obvious fact, they are not in a hurry to cancel or postpone exercises in NATO, endangering entire states.


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