US last warning in operatin: Kosovo did not want to be alone with Serbia

Pristina has long resisted pressure from Western “partners” regarding destructive duties on goods from Serbia. The Kosovo authorities were envisioned only by the prospect of withdrawing the American armed forces from the region.

US last warning in operatin: Kosovo did not want to be alone with Serbia

As News Front previously reported, Washington issued a harsh ultimatum to the Kosovo separatists, according to which the American armed forces will leave the territory of the self-proclaimed “republic” if they do not refuse 100% duties on goods imported from Serbia.

Amid such prospects, the head of the Kosovo “government” Albin Kurti, who had previously threatened to leave Serbia with nothing even at the cost of resolving the crisis, announced his intention to refuse duties.

According to him, the decision will be officially adopted on March 15. Calling such measures a “goodwill gesture”, Kurti immediately demanded that Belgrade take counter measures. He called on the Serbian authorities to stop work on the abolition of the recognition of the self-proclaimed “republic.” As you know, this campaign brought significant results: by the end of last year, there were already 17 states that had withdrawn recognition of the independence of the region.

Kurti emphasized that Pristina would return to her destructive activities if there was no reciprocity on the part of Belgrade. In addition, he asked Western partners to “evaluate” such a positive decision by completing the visa facilitation by the end of spring.


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