“Unrealistic”. U.S. on missile defense system for protection against Russia

The U.S. has told about the impossibility of creating a system that would protect Americans from the ballistic missiles of Russia and China.

This opinion was expressed by U.S. Strategic Forces Commander Admiral Charles Richards at a hearing in the Committee on Armed Forces Affairs of the House of Representatives.

Thus, when asked by Democrat Congressman Seth Multon whether U.S. missile defense systems are capable of repulsing an attack with intercontinental ballistic missiles from Russia and China, Richards said that the U.S. missile defense is designed in such a way as not to “intersect with the strategic deterrents” of the enemy and is able to protect the country’s territory. Mullton then asked if there was a link between the U.S. ability to repel such an attack and the number of interceptor missiles available to strategic forces.

“Not only is it costly and technically impossible, but it raises strategic stability issues”, –  Richards answered.


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