In New Delhi, 35 people died during the riots

Thirty-five people were killed in the ongoing violence in New Delhi since Monday and 514 arrested, the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs said.

“Since 24 February, 35 people have been killed in these tragic incidents… Two security officers have sacrificed their lives in the line of duty to restore law and order. In addition, nearly 70 police officers and senior officers were injured in the incidents”, –  the ministry said.

Clashes between supporters and opponents of the new citizenship law began in several districts of New Delhi on Monday. After clashes in Majipur, Jafrabad, Chand Bagh and Karal Nagar districts, authorities in the Indian capital imposed curfews there, and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kedzhriwal called on the government to introduce an army into these districts.

The MIA noted that “so far, police have detained 514 suspects for interrogation”.

“Forty-eight cases have been filed, and more will be registered “in due course”, – the ministry said.

The MIA stressed that people should “not believe rumours and become victims of the evil intentions of people and groups interested in escalating inter-communal tensions.

“Only 12 police stations out of 203 in Delhi, or about 4.2%, were affected by the riots”, –  the ministry said.

The ministry added that no outbreaks of violence have been recorded in northwest New Delhi in the past 36 hours.


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