I blame my own country for the war, Ronald Gaudier – American citizen

News Front has prepared for you an exclusive interview with us citizen Ronald Gaudier, who has been supporting people in the Donbass for three years. This man’s story is fascinating because, despite the CIA’s propaganda, he reveals the true state of things. Now he lives and works in America, but is trying to become a resident of Russia. We met with Ronald Gaudier in St. Petersburg during his sixth trip to Russia in the last 2 years.

Ronald followed the situation in Ukraine for many years, in fact, long before the conflict in the Donbass. Initially, he was Pro-Ukrainian and viewed the situation as an attempt by Ukraine to gain independence from Russia, which in the past dominated Ukraine in the Soviet Union, but in 2014 something went wrong.

“By 2014, I already saw that something else was happening, and I started looking for new information about the situation there, and I got a more complete picture of the US participation in the events on Maidan, and how Poroshenko was in power-in General, as a puppet of the US. The motivation was obvious and many understand why the militias want to secede. I was very sympathetic to what was happening,” says Ronald Gaudier.

Ronald tried to look at the events from the point of view of Donbass: a foreign government came and held a putsch in the presidential elections.

And while there was local unrest, the United States wanted to get more influence over Ukraine, because it was the U.S. mission – the collapse of the Soviet Union, it was the U.S. mission-to expand NATO more and more along the border with Russia, to expand NATO to the East, and I think they wanted to involve Ukraine in this.


Ronald also talks about the real reason for financial support for the coup in Ukraine. It is clear that the US wanted to control the transit of natural gas. “Our country wanted to stop the flow of Russian natural gas to Europe in order to process American gas in Europe. This was the motive for the coup, and therefore the US position here is shaky, ” he says.

Moreover, our interlocutor accuses the United States of having invaded the internal Affairs of Ukraine and started a war in the South-East of the country:

“I blame my country for the war that started, but I don’t blame the Russians, I don’t blame the Donbass, because I sympathize, I understand why they decided to take up arms, basically it was an invasion of their country.”

This is not the first time the United States has entered a country that overthrows government puppet plans. The war in Iraq was the beginning of disillusionment with the US government. According to Mr. Gaudier, at first he believed the propaganda, but eventually realized that the government was lying to him.

“They told us that there are chemical weapons, biological weapons, we were told that there are factories that produce all this. They even have illustrations that the CIA produces. They knew they were lying, ” Ronald says in a private conversation, trying to control emotions and cover up anger about the situation. Clearly, no one likes a lie.

“We just destroyed the country, spent trillions of dollars on it, killed hundreds of thousands of people, and the situation is worse than it was before. The same is true in Afghanistan and Egypt … and then we were going to Libya, one after another, basically we were destroying countries: the ongoing situation in Yemen, and they were trying to do the same in Syria, the same situation in Ukraine. I realized that something had to be done about it, ” Ronald continues.

Then he started looking for people in the DPR and met with Russell Bentley, a Donbass news agent who had a series of videos showing the situation in Crimea and the Donbass.

“I supported him, we do not share our common political views, but we have one opinion on the situation in the Donbass. I started supporting Donbass with donations, and I understand that I am responsible for the situation. I met with him [Russell – ed.] personally to go to Donetsk, and I wanted to see everything in person, to be free from propaganda, so to speak. And we went there in April 2018,” says our friend.

According to him, it was very surprising how clean the city was and how it still functioned. “There were many such companies as DonMac [following the example of McDonalds-an American business company-ed.], restaurants, bars.

It looks like a fairly modern city, maybe less traffic, fewer people than in a normal one. In any case, it would be hard to believe that there is a war going on a few miles away,” Ronald shares his impressions.

Also, guests of the city visited various posts on the front, where the war was held: “Iversky monastery is not far from the airport, we saw all the destruction. It was strong, I remember the road to the airport, a lot of damage …”

This is the first part of the interview with Ronald Gaudier, follow the News Front and learn more interesting details that reveal lies and propaganda. News Front’s motto: we speak and show the truth. Our readers draw their own conclusions.