Erdogan encouraged Kiev nationalists: Zelensky offered to declare war on Russia

The escalation of tension in Syria could be a unique opportunity for Ukraine to attack in the Donbass and Crimean directions.

Erdogan encouraged Kiev nationalists: Zelensky offered to declare war on Russia

Such a statement was made by the odious Ukrainian nationalist, the leader of the right-wing extremist group “National Corps” and the founder of the punitive battalion “Azov” Andrey Biletsky.

According to him, the Ukrainian authorities should take advantage of the confrontation in the Middle East and declare war on Russia. At the same time, the radical expressed confidence that Kiev would not take this “chance”.

“I am sure that President Zelensky will not set up a friend in difficult times, will not hit the state consuming the products of Quarter 95. He will not begin work in the military or diplomatic directions, nor will efforts be synchronized with Turkey,” complains Biletsky.

He noted that Zelensky could have arranged a “war on two fronts” for Russia, but instead the Minsk talks would continue, which will discuss the withdrawal of troops from the military contact line in the Donbass.

Another fighter of the punitive battalion “Azov” Igor Mosiychuk also talked about the “unique situation” that will allow Ukraine to seize the republics of Donbass and Crimea. However, he emphasized that Kiev should not care who is to blame for the Syrian escalation.

“Ukraine needs to build on only its own national interests in the current difficult situation, which is becoming a unique opportunity to quickly end the war in the Donbass and return the Crimea,” says Mosiychuk.

The situation in Syria and the declaration of war

On the eve of Turkish soldiers were fired on in the province of Idlib. As a result, several dozen fighters were killed. In response, Turkey has already inflicted “revenge strikes” on the Syrian Arab army’s locations and has promised to build up forces in Idlib, where Turkish troops are absolutely illegal.

In addition, an emergency meeting and a statement by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan with a statement declaring war on Syria are expected soon in Ankara.

The reaction of NATO remains ambiguous. Despite the fact that Turkey has a reason to request assistance, the alliance in every possible way demonstrates unwillingness to get involved in the conflict on the side of the ally. Earlier, sources in NATO confirmed that member countries of the bloc are not considering the possibility of applying the fifth article of the NATO charter on collective security in relation to the conflict in Syria. At the same time, NATO expressed confidence that the Turkish army itself was able to cope in this situation. The position of the countries of the alliance is understandable, because the Syrian conflict for them can turn into a war with Russia, which the West is clearly not ready for.

At the moment, Ankara is allowed to apply only the fourth article of the NATO charter, according to which any member country of the alliance has the right to hold meetings with partners in the bloc if it considers that “there is a threat to its security, territorial integrity or political sovereignty.”


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